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Gravity Storm were formed in 2012 by James Lowe & Matt Chalk.

Matt received a call from James Lowe, asking if Matt would be interested in forming a band with him as lead singer. They met up and decided that they would like to work together and began to rehearse as an acoustic duo (Forever Within). At first, they covered songs and began to play local pubs. James was new to live performance but gradually he began to gain confidence and they began to write songs together.

Over a period of a few weeks in late December 2012, with the material they were writing taking shape, they began to consider the task of getting the songs recorded. They decided that rather than wait for a bass player and drummer they would tackle the job themselves, with Matt playing all the instruments and James taking on vocal duties. Over a period of time, from late March until late May 2013, they locked themselves away, writing recording and mixing what was to become Gravity Storm’s debut album ‘No Tomorrow’.

However, they knew that they would need a bass player and a drummer. For one reason or another, as is often the case with forming bands, they hadn’t had any success in finding the right line up and thus they ploughed on with recording the album. As they were reaching the final mix stage, out of the blue, Matt happened to make contact with drummer Dec Vaughan. Matt had played with Dec in Vivid Sky, some years before. Dec had just returned from college and was at a ‘loose end’. They decided to meet up and have a jam with James, to see if things could work out. As it happened, everything fell into place. Dec was still in touch with Dan Huggins, former Vivid Sky bass player, who had just finished a music degree and was looking to join a band. Dan gave Matt a call and after a jam session with the others, Gravity Storm was complete.

The band released their official music video for their first single “It Won’t Be Long” in June 2013 to a great reception, followed shortly thereafter with a second single “Memories Evoked”.

Memories Evoked was featured on BBC Radio Devon on Vic Morgan’s late show in July 2013.

In August 2013, Gravity Storm covered American rock band Alter Bridge’s latest single “Addicted To Pain” via YouTube. Brian Marshall, bassist for Alter Bridge re-posted the video on his Facebook page, guitarist Mark Tremonti sent a message to the band saying that the cover was awesome and Alter Bridge producer Michael Baskette said that he was “Almost Speechless”. Gravity Storm have since hit over 20,000 views in under 10 weeks on the video with amazing feedback from fans.

Gravity Storm had a lineup change in 2014 with the addition of Oli Atkins on lead vocals, they released the “Weight of The World” CD to a positive reception. The group disbanded in 2015.

2017 sees Gravity Storm’s founding members James & Matt reunite, their new EP featuring acclaimed drummer Anup Sastry (Skyharbor, Marty Freidman, Jeff Loomis) is out now and available from all major digital music retailers.

Gravity Storm’s debut album “No Tomorrow” is also available to purchase on CD at the bands website or via, iTunes, Amazon MP3 & Google Play.